What are benefits of video games?

It seems that performing any task that requires exercising your mind will help you stay more alert, and that includes video games. Source

: A colleague of his even said that shooters can change the brain by dramatically improving many of our low-level perceptual functions. Definitely good news for all Halo and Call of Duty fans. Source

: This skill helps us to discern between changes in shades of gray on a colored background, which is very beneficial when driving at night.


: While watching the players, he even admitted that they formed stronger relationships than non-players because of his love for games. Source:

There you have it: Slower games may not offer the same benefits of playing video games at a faster pace. It's great to know that our favorite quick games help us be better students and keep us entertained. Source: & Source (e) While one of the researchers insists that residents would do better in real surgery, the study is one of many that show that our favorite games can help improve our hand-eye coordination.


: In other words, playing video games improves several skills, including attention. Source

: Both exercises caused children to burn the same amount of calories, almost three times more than children who only watched Netflix. Source

: Although the experiment did not involve playing video games, it serves to show that couples who play video games together tend to have happier and healthier relationships. Source

: Okay, I know that some couples experience what I call “Call of Duty syndrome”.

In addition to being a fantastic party game, the Wii has proven to reinforce the number of benefits of games, along with something like the Wii Fit. Video games have been shown to help us improve our ability to reason and solve problems. They help us make decisions in a fraction of a second, process information faster, and multitask effectively. Games can also improve hand-eye coordination and increase auditory perception.

Patients with multiple sclerosis often undergo difficult and tough physical therapy for their conditions and provide gaming benefits that they can easily manage and access. The study caused a group of young adults with no gaming experience to play video games in the action genre, at an accelerated pace for 50 hours. It was addictive to learn about these different phases of history and how well video games serve them. So-called “mind games” involving problem-solving, memory and puzzle components have been shown to have a positive benefit for older players.

So there you have it: slower games may not offer the same benefits of playing video games at a faster pace. Even though I'm addicted to crossword puzzles, feeling intellectually stimulated by the benefits of games began in 6th grade, when I first played Shogun Total War. Simply put, high school children played video games at least two hours a day, while resident doctors rarely had time to play. Remember that even though video games have their place, they should take up less time than children need to spend exercising, socializing, studying and sleeping.

While video games don't cure MS, they can be a valuable and transformative experience for those with it. But things have changed and now more professional studies are being carried out to learn about the real benefits of playing video games. Video games are a fantastic vehicle for sharing experiences, since they can connect us in a fun and safe social space. Video games can train the brain, open up new pathways of thinking in the brain and keep the mind perfected.


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