Is online gaming banned in tamil nadu?

Tamil Nadu prohibits online gambling and gambling According to the bill's objective and motive statement, gambling and online gaming are addictive in nature and increase the threat to public order, while posing difficulties in designing adequate regulation. Online gambling and online gambling are prohibited in Tamil Nadu. At the same time, other online games will be regulated. Earlier this month, the Tamil Nadu government enacted an ordinance to ban online gambling and online games such as rummy and poker.

The gaming industry has criticized the ordinance and has argued that it combines skill games with gambling. This can be solved if the Center distinguishes between “gambling” and “games of skill” by using the legislative competence available to Parliament under entries 31, 42, 52 and 97 of List I of the Seventh Annex to the Constitution and enacts a law on online skill games, he said. This comes after the ordinance recently enacted by Governor RN Ravi banned rummy and poker, and considered them “gambling.” Lawmakers, for their part, have argued that these online gaming platforms promote gambling and can lead to addiction. According to media reports, many users committed suicide due to financial losses incurred on online gaming platforms.

Others introduced their own laws: most states have pre-Internet laws that didn't cover online gaming. Subsequently, the government received 10,735 responses, of which 10,708 were in favor of a total ban on online games. This was an overwhelming response given by teachers during a survey conducted by the state government as part of the exercise to formulate the law prohibiting online gambling, according to the ordinance. The agency will have four members, including a retired police officer with a rank not lower than that of Inspector General; experts in information technology and online gaming; and an eminent psychologist.

According to the EGF, the Court ruled that skill games cannot be qualified as “gambling or gambling” just because they are played with bets or played online. Kumar said that while gambling and betting are state issues, online skill games are not under his jurisdiction. The court held that the general prohibition of skill games contravened Article 19 (g) (right to practice any profession or to exercise any occupation, trade or business) of the Constitution.

Those who engage in online gambling or gambling will be punished with a prison sentence of up to three months or a fine of 15,000, or both.

For the purpose of regulating online gaming, the ordinance has proposed the creation of the Online Gaming Authority, which will be led by a retired official who held the rank of Chief Secretary.

The Online Gaming Authority will issue registration certificates to local online gaming providers; identify online gambling and recommend them to the government for prohibition; and will monitor the operation of online gaming providers.

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