Are violent video games good for you?

Playing violent video games causes more aggression, intimidation and fighting. Simulating violence, such as shooting weapons and hand-to-hand combat in video games, can cause violent behavior in real life. Many authors of mass shootings played violent video games.


controllers are so sophisticated and the games are so realistic that simulating violent acts improves learning about those violent behaviors.

Whether playing a multiplayer game or simply talking about games as a common interest, video games provide community, increase the social connection between loved ones and strangers alike, alleviating the isolation that prevails today. In addition, video games and the realistic virtual environments they offer are often used to treat anxiety disorders and other mental health conditions. However, in the midst of the discussion about the positive results of video games, it is important to recognize that the activity has potential disadvantages for certain people. At age seven, children can distinguish fantasy from reality and can differentiate between violence in video games and violence in the real world.

Their ability to distinguish between fantasy and reality prevents them from emulating the violence of video games in real life. During the pandemic in particular, video games have offered unique effects to improve mood and reduce stress. In a study of 150 fourth and fifth grade students conducted by Jeanne Funk, PhD, a distinguished university professor of Psychology at the University of Toledo, violent video games were the only type of medium associated with less empathy. Cognitive researcher Daphne Bavalier talks about how video games can help us learn, focus and, in a fascinating way, multitask.

However, not everyone sees this increase in games, especially when it comes to games that contain violence, as a good thing. Many researchers argue, while recognizing the potential disadvantages of violent video games, that these types of games can have beneficial effects for the user. Although gun violence in the United States is high, the other nine countries with the highest use of video games have some of the lowest violent crime rates (and eight of those countries spend more per capita on video games than the United States). Early identification is key to helping overcome any mental health problems that may arise from excessive reliance on video games.

In fact, research shows that the vast majority (82%) of global consumers were somehow involved with video games during the first few months of last spring's pandemic lockdown. Even more worrying, especially during the pandemic, is the possibility of overuse of these games, leading to mental health problems and negative consequences for life. His future research will also investigate the prosocial effects that violent video games can have on leadership and teamwork.

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